Binay Shah, MD

Founder & President, Binaytara Foundation
Dr. Binay Shah is a board certified oncologist and hematologist who is affiliated with Freelance Doc., Inc. and practices at various hospitals in the country. As an oncologist who has worked in diverse clinical settings, Dr. Shah has witnessed the effects of health disparities in many communities in the USA as well as other parts of the world.
The summits on National and Global Cancer Health Disparities reflect some of his vision and passion in making healthcare accessible and affordable for everyone regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, geographic location, and socio-economic status. Under his leadership and vision, the Binaytara Foundation is pioneering an effort to provide cancer services to 20 million people in Nepal and India through a recently established cancer hospital in Janakpurdham, Nepal – the Binaytara Foundation Cancer Center.
Dr. Shah’s area of research interest is health outcomes and health disparities among cancer patients; he has published and presented over 125 papers in various journals and meetings. Dr. Shah has delivered over two dozen talks and lectures on Global Health and Cancer nationally and internationally as an invited speaker, and has the distinction of developing the nation’s first statewide personalized cancer care tumor board as  president of the Idaho Society of Clinical Oncology.
Dr. Shah considers himself a patient advocate and hopes to engage with lawmakers, healthcare executives, and other healthcare stakeholders in debates and discussions at these Summits on National and Global Cancer Health Disparities that will lead to improved outcomes for all patients – rich/poor, male/female/LGBTQ, black/white/brown/other, rural/urban, young/old.

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