Bridgette Hempstead

Cierra Sisters, Inc. is an African American Breast Cancer organization which uniquely provides education and advocacy about women’s breast and health issues. Bridgette’s personal, hands on approach, has and is changing the lives of women all across the country. Her determination to educate and empower others comes out of her own experience with breast cancer. Bridgette is a 22 year three time breast cancer survivor and she received her diagnosis on her 35th birthday. At that time, she found no resources for African American women. Therefore, she became the solution, and Cierra Sisters, Inc. was born. She found that women’s fear of breast cancer was due largely to the lack of knowledge. As the late author and entertainer, Earl Nightingale once stated, “Whenever we’re afraid, it’s because we don’t know enough. If we understood enough, we would never be afraid.” Inspired by Ms. Nightingale’s words, Bridgette chose the African word “Cierra” which means “knowing” to identify and share community resource and to create educational op- portunities as an organization which she began on February 23, 1996.

Cierra Sisters is helping to change the way members of our local and global community , think about cancer by taking the fear out of the word cancer and replacing it with knowledge which ultimately leads to personal empowerment.

As her reputation grew in the health community, more and more patients were being referred to her by doctors, fami- ly members, LGBT, and religious institutions for her assistance in navigating individuals through the health care sys- tem. Her efforts helped many to connect with the proper resources. support networks and casting down the fears that come with a cancer diagnosis. Over the years Bridgette has been featured on,

Bridgette is an engaging and effective speaker, a songwriter, and a soul piercing singer. Her single, “Sista Don’t You Know,” will encourage you through your cancer journey. Visit Cierra Sisters at

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