Dinesh Pendharkar, MD, PhD

Head of the Department of Cancer Chemotherapy at Asian Cancer Institute Mumbai

President Indian Society of Oncology

Chair International Affairs Committee of American Society of Clinical Oncology

Mentor Govt. of Madhya Pradesh, District cancer Care Services, Govt of Odisha and Himachal Pradesh and Rajasthan.

Dr. Pendharkar is one of the first practitioners of cancer chemotherapy in India. He has many publications including internationally recognized, practice-changing research.

Presently, he serves a social service involved in empowering government run district hospitals with creation of Nodal Caner Units; in each of them and creating Community Point of Contacts for Cancer-a physician- in each district. The unique cancer care delivery model completely covers four states of India ( or 110 districts of India, 17%).These units in each district are capable of assisting patients in counseling,  diagnosis, treatment, followup care, palliative care and are additionally doing public educational activities with assistance from the state.

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